Redfoot Tortoise Care

COMMON NAME: Redfoot Tortoise

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chelonoidis carbonarius

ADULT SIZE: 10-16 inches and up to 30 lbs

Redfoot Tortoises are native to dry and wet forest and grasslands of Central and South America. They have striking features on their heads and feet and usually longer carapaces than most tortoises.


*Never keep ANY tortoise in an aquarium*

The ideal enclosure for a Redfoot tortoise is one that is outside. For one adult Redfoot Tortoise, I recommend a minimum of a 4ft x 8ft outdoor enclosure, but your tortoise will be happier in an 8ft x 8ft enclosure. Access to water at all times and a hide box is needed. Redfoots like higher humidity so using a sprinkler or water hose from time to time will keep your tortoise happy. Humidity is recommended around 50-70%.

Daytime temps should average 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit and night temps should be around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Average temperatures should not consistently fall below 68-70 degrees or else your tortoise could develop a respiratory infection.


Redfoot Tortoises are actually Omnivorous as apposed to most other tortoises. 60% of their diet should be grasses and leafy greens such as Romaine Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, etc. 30% of their diet should be fresh fruits and 10% of the diet should be protein (worms, snails) and Mazuri Tortoise Diet.