Whether vulnerable or functionally extinct in the wild, the Chelonian Ranch is dedicated to the conservation of turtles and tortoises that are threatened with extinction. We firmly believe in preserving this amazing species of reptile through captive breeding and assurance colonies. Check out some of our work, below.

Hamiltonii Breeding Project

In 2022, the Chelonian Ranch started the Hamiltonii Breeding Project which consists of 3 hatchling Geoclemys hamiltonii or Black Spotted Pond Turtles.

Chinese Box Turtle Breeding Project

The Chelonian Ranch has started the Chinese Box Turtle Breeding Project with the help of five hatchlings on loan from the Turtle Survival Alliance.

Eastern Box Turtle Initiative

The Eastern Box Turtle Initiative was founded in 2021 by Christopher Hunt with the purpose of protecting Eastern Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina ) and increasing their numbers in the wild.