Owner Surrender

If you have a turtle or tortoise and can no longer provide an appropriate home for it/them, we can most likely help.

We understand that sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned and we never judge a person by their decision to find a home for their beloved turtle/tortoise.  The Chelonian Ranch is a facility with the resources dedicated to these animals, so we try to help whenever we can to get them into a better situation.

ALL Box Turtles and Tortoises that comes to live on our ranch, will live out their lives here, happy and loved.  We can take any Box Turtle or Tortoise that you have, but we are selective when it comes to aquatic species of Turtle due to their space requirements, our limited pond sizes, and the sheer number of them that come our way, but you’re always welcome to inquire.

For any aquatic species that we are not able to permanently house, we can still take them in, but will most likely adopt them out to one of our friends, connections or adopters who have completed an application and passed our inspections and standards.  You will need to donate their current enclosure and their supplies during this process. The enclosure must be of an appropriate size for the turtle species being surrendered, (example: we cannot take in a juvenile or adult Slider that is being housed in a 20 gallon aquarium.)

*Please, never release any Turtle or Tortoise into the wild. They will most likely die, and they can take bacteria and diseases with them that will infect the wild population*