Hermann’s Tortoise Care

COMMON NAME: Hermann’s Tortoise

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Testudo hermanni

ADULT SIZE: 6-8 inches

The Hermann’s Tortoise has a native range in the Mediterranean of Europe (Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania).


*Never keep ANY tortoise in an aquarium*

This tortoise does best when housed outdoors. A simple 4ft x 4ft enclosure is perfect as a minimum size for one tortoise, but I always recommend bigger is better. I house mine in an 8ft x 8ft enclosure planted with grasses, clover, hibiscus, some decorations like logs for the tortoise to hide next to or climb over and of course a hide box and water dish.

Keep in mind that most tortoises dig in nature and the Hermann’s Tortoise is no exception to this. The walls of my enclosures are made out of 8 foot long 2 x 6 pressure treated boards and I always burry one 2 x 6 under ground to discourage digging. Of course providing a hide box also discourages digging as well.

Outdoor daytime temps should average 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows should not consistently drop below 50 degrees. However, the Hermann’s Tortoise can safely be brumated outdoors during the winter months if done correctly using a coldframe for them to over-winter in.


The diet consists mainly of grasses, flowers and leafy greens. I feed mine natural clover, hibiscus, lettuce, dandelion greens and sometimes Mazuri Tortoise Diet. I give occasional fruit as a treat and for hydration during the summer months. Access to fresh water at all times is essential.